Dowsing Diploma Level 1, 2 & 3 

Dowsing Diploma level 1

This dowsing course teaches you to use a pendulum with confidence and work in a safe environment.You will receive & discover your yes/no signs, be guided throughout the course on how to attain and become a good dowser. Following the DHHS code of ethics and an assessment to qualify your diploma level 1. You will be discovering:

​       lost objects

  • Finding aura's

  • Water testing 

  • Map Dowsing

  • Finding chakras, Balancing & healing them 

  • Body dowsing 

  This Diploma course level 1 will lead you into level 2 advanced dowsing course: food allergies, emotional healing with dowsing and Spirit rescue,and Closing detrimental portals in preparation to the healing your home practitioners diploma.


Practitioners  Dowsing diploma level 3 is a 12 month course. To teach you how to clear detrimental energies within your home, garden and workplace. using your pendulum to pinpoint  the exact location of Geopathic stress, Ley lines, and human energy fields. plus much more over the coursework. Geopathic stress has now been scientifically proven to exaggerate existing illnesses, which can be detrimental to human health. It's a fascinating subject to learn about. Please read my home healing page for more information.


Crystal courses from beginners through to Lemurian crystal seeds and speaking Light language.

This courses will show you:

  • how to connect to your crystals

  • cleanse and bless them before any work begins

  • feel their energy and their connection with the chakras,

  • and how they work together.

They will amplify any healing, by tuning in and working with the crystal energies.


Psychic Development Workshops 

This workshop is another fascinating subject to discover. You will learn to tune into your spirit guides, working with your 6th sense to help find your own spiritual gifts. This workshop will show you how to read your own artwork, cards and psychometry.   plus many practical tasks throughout the day.


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