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I had always felt my home was an unlucky and sometimes unsettling house to live in, that things would never change unless I left here to live somewhere else. In some rooms I felt like I could only have my furniture in one corner or against one wall, I would have really uncomfortable feelings if I sat or slept near the other walls. 

My downstairs hallway gave me the strongest negative  feelings even my dog would avoid being there any longer than he had to, when I came home he would wait for me to go into one of the rooms before he would come to say hello, all this negative energy had got worse over the years to the point I started to neglect my house, putting off decorating or doing anything to make it look nice, this neglect eventually spread to my garden, I did just what I had to whereas I used to love gardening then Lindsay put a lot of her time into working on my home and found many issues that explained all the problems I had been experiencing living here.

 It was amazing and also fascinating all that was going on here, Lindsay sorted all of these out for me and the transformation in my home and garden has been wonderful. I have decorated my house from top to bottom moving  furniture to where I want it to be and not where I feel it's the only place that's not unsettling because it doesn't give me those feelings anymore.

 My dog will happily run into the hall to greet me now where as before he wouldn’t move from the top of the stairs. My home is a calm relaxed haven for us both to enjoy spending time in and my garden too. I've put a lot of work out there and for the first time in a long time it's a pleasure to spend time in.

 I  can't thank Lindsay enough for what she did for me it just feels so completely different here now in a really good way

Tina  xx. .

Glynis Dixon recommends Divine Healing Hands.

March 16 ·

Lindsay helped our dog Milo when he was so ill , he was totally immobile, after one session he moved his back legs and lifted his head , he went on to have about 6 sessions with Lindsay and the transformation was incredible. The vets were amazed as they couldn’t help him at all , he had a rare condition called polyradiculoneuritis for which there is no treatment, until we took him to Lindsay we thought we’d lose him, but today we have a healthy happy dog who is totally healed . I couldn’t recommend Lindsay enough she is an inspiration.
Thank you so much Lindsay xxxxx

Heljä Collins recommends Divine Healing Hands.

March 20 ·

You were amazing. You sorted our Fudge out . Distance healing and removing and blocking negative energies. Xxx

Kitty Gem recommends Divine Healing Hands.

May 21 ·

I recently had a wonderful day with Lindsay refreshing my dowsing knowledge. Lindsay is a lovely, warm and knowledgeable teacher with tons of experience. The day was fun and informative and very relaxed and nurturing. I can’t recommend Lindsay highly enough and will definitely be going on another workshop in the future! Thanks Lindsay 💜🦋💜🙏����




Ann Leech recommends Divine Healing Hands.

March 26 ·

thoroughly recommend the pendulum and dowsing workshop held in a warm and friendly environment packed with wisdom incite and knowledge. already practised on my parents with very interesting results. cant wait for the next workshop


Ann Leech I have now attended 2 workshops with lindsay dowsing and Dowsing for home healing.

Well what can I say other than both were fantastic,!!!! from the moment you step through the door you feel welcomed, included and at ease. She takes time to explain and gently guide you through the workshop at just the right pace with insight humour and a Wonderful sharing lunch.

The dowsing has come in very usual in finding 2 set of keys for people, it has also enabled me to introduce some fun and amazement with children. More importantly it has proved to be an invaluable tool with finding trigger foods to avoid thus improving health and wellbeing, helping to avoid sluggishness, fatigue and headaches.

The home dowsing workshop. Not only was the workshop itself an eye opener, Lindsay has since taken time to visit my home in order to identify issues I had with mirrors this has without doubt helped to clear and improve my home, resulting in much improved sleep and sense of calm and joy.

she also took on the enormous and complicated task of clearing my place of work and has also spent additional time with healing and a distant joint healing share for the person I work with. This we are continuing to monitor and share updates

She is a truly gifted lady, friend and a great mentor.



Marie Ponting recommends Divine Healing Hands.

March 23 ·

I experienced a pendulum and dowsing workshop today with Lindsay, she was very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable on her subject. I really enjoyed learning something new and looking forward to the next chapter 🥰🌸




Louise Rooke recommends Divine Healing Hands.

January 6 ·

Lindsay is lovely and friendly. Great treatment

Updated - great dowsing workshop held my Lindsey today, informative & full of practical tasks. Lots of fun too, in a relaxed environment. Highly recommend.

Updated 2/6/2019 - I’ve just attended Lindsay’s home healing workshop, I’d highly recommend it. It was another informative and practical day, with so much learnt & to take forward. Lindsey is professional & knowledgeable. She gives so much xxx


I am in the US & became friends with Lindsay in 2016. I suffer from Lupus, from which there is no cure. They can offer immunosuppressant drugs or chemo. They also come with horrible side effects & most do not help, especially if you have organ involvement. In 2003 I lost a kidney to this disease, suffer from a blood disorder, kidney failure, skin problems, severe gout, heart issues among a host of others. Lindsay began doing some concentrated remote healing on me & last July I was able to make a trip to visit her. Upon my return to the US I tore my meniscus. I was told it would never heal at my age (63) & given a brace. In a month I stopped wearing a brace. It was healed, by remote healing from Lindsay. To this day, my Drs are amazed that I am stable! I have told them what I am doing & they remain impressed. Although, this type of treatment is not practiced or recognized by the traditional medical societies here. While I was there & Lindsay conducted several one on one courses with me on;
She is professional & Spirit guided in her work. She has a lovely soul & any workshop she conducts would definitely be worthwhile attending! You will leave with so much!
Sharon Mize
Ohio, United States


Home Healing

October 6 at 2:43 PM ·

Healing 2nd October 2019

I have to admit to astonishment after having a House Healing by Lindsay Horsley. We have lived in our house for 40 years and there has always been a sense of unease that pervaded it. I have over the years had accidents, illness and downright despair. I had it cleared and it worked amazingly, but always I was still ill without any real idea as to why.
I have relied on my homeopaths now for 12 years and I fully maintain that I would not be here without them to carry me through each illness. That being said it just warded off one lot of illness for another that was coming into bud. I have tried many therapies, many very helpful and uplifting, but always new illnesses come immediately after almost like a punishment for trying to escape. I was a therapist myself but my illnesses meant I had to retire.
I saw Lindsay’s name and decided that I wanted to attend one of her courses but was too ill to travel to the one advertised and we chatted to see if anything could be done. After her initial distance scan she said she felt she could help and I sent in two floor plans, one ground floor and one upper floor as just by checking my Aura from a distance she could see I was in trouble. Astonishingly she was able to find things even before she had the floorplans.
To say I was speechless was an understatement when she found three earthbound spirits and pinpointed their location. Also, a captive tree spirit in the bannister of the stairs (yes I know that sounds weird but I had a bad fall on the stairs and one of the earthbound spirits was also underneath) also negatives attached to purchased items within the house, all of which were antique or classed as second hand.
Negative energy, one of which was even able to light a manually operated electric candle, now that shocked me when it happened. I can relate to these items found, and other things found on the downstairs floor plan as I had had various accidents particularly on the stairs. Also I broke my back as I walked into the hallway from the lounge another earthbound spirit area. Sounds weird and unbelievable but I assure you it happened.
Upstairs there were further surprises my husband and I were sleeping on a GPS Geopathic Stress line. I had terrible insomnia for years and my husband was beginning to follow my pattern of illness and lack of sleep.
Also there were negatives from previous occupants and surrounding neighbours and when Lindsay found the Ley line she was able to lower it to a safe strength for humans. I did not realise that negatives can attach to items purchased, especially 2nd hand, antiques of course especially as they have a history unknown.
However it also affects the ground on which the house is built. We do not always know the grounds history except in our case we know some of it so even though it was a surprise that Lindsay found 3 spirit horses, it was a field and farmland and the village had been badly affected by the plague so earthbound spirits could well be involved from those times but who would have thought it. Amazed is what we are on the work done by Lindsay, shocked maybe but already she has healed the water veins and capped the GPS for 25 years, the rest of the earthbound spirits has been sent to the light and the Tree Spirit now resides in a tree a short distance away. Negatives from surrounding neighbours have been banished for good.
Added to all this Lindsay is healing us. There was a distinct difference after the house was healed, it was like a cool breeze flowing through. My husband and I suddenly felt calm and I felt a sense of freedom that I had not felt for so long. The next day I actually felt a bubble of enthusiasm, now that is something lost in the distant past and we both slept better than we had previously. My Husband says he feels so different to how he felt earlier this week, I am beginning to heal but after 12 years it will not be overnight.
I completely recommend Lindsay, unbelievable is what she is, I shall be recommending her and already have and people moving into new properties, maybe a look at the ground on which they stand might be a very good idea. I never gave it a thought and look what was found. No more second hand or antiques for me. If we have to move house Lindsay will be the one we contact, we now have a peaceful and happy house. Sleep patterns are improving even after 3 days.
Thank you Lindsay.