About Me

Hi I'm Lindsay, a qualified spiritual and an Energy Healer.

A very experienced Geomancer who has been approved as a Training Provider by the IPHM. With over 13 years experience based near Southampton. I absolutely love this work and the healing benefits speak for themselves. My qualifications include:

        An Executive Training Provider

  • Practitioners Diploma in Crystal Healing

  •  Animal Healing

  • Teachers Diploma in Meditation Tuition & Guidance

  • Diploma in Psychic Development

  • Practitioners Diploma in Bach Flower Remedy

  • Lemurian Crystal seed and Light Language Training provider  

       (Dowsing practitioner) and Trainer who has successfully conducted home and land clearance. 

Remote and global healing upon request. 

I facilitate many workshops, group workshops & diploma courses. Also working via video call appointments when requested.

Healing is non-invasive and is the transference of subtle energy through the practitioner to the client.

Healing is holistic, which means the patient receives this energy on all levels; mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. It is gentle and is intended to bring balance and well being during the healing process and this then releases tension,  stress & anxiety.

 I hope you find this web site informative and feel free to take a look at the workshops and new diploma courses now available.




    Lindsay Horsley 









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